The workshop

For teams and companies, we offer a workshop in reframing that both teaches the method AND allows participants to work on a current business challenge, creating immediate value for your business.

  • Learning AND doing. The best way to learn reframing is not through a lecture, but through guided application to real-world problems. The workshop kicks off with two short exercises which introduces the method, after which participants get to use it to solve one or more real-world problems they are facing right now, guided by the faculty. (The problems can be chosen by participants or picked in advance by the business).
  • Virtual delivery. The workshop is optimized for virtual delivery using Zoom, Teams, WebEx, or similar platforms that allow small-group breakouts. It features constant audience engagement using exercises, quick polls, and live discussion with the faculty throughout the session (not just at the end).
  • Flexible duration. The workshop is modular and can be adjusted to suit your needs. We recommend 60 to 75 minutes for the ‘core’ workshop. For maximum value, we recommend a 2 to 2½ hour session in which participants also apply the method to one or more current business challenges, creating immediate impact.
  • No limit on audience size. While best experienced in groups of 25-30 people, the workshop can be run with much larger audiences as well. The size is limited only by the chosen platform’s restrictions on breakouts (e.g. Zoom currently doesn’t support more than 50 breakout groups). The main diffence is that with larger groups, the Q&A parts are conducted in the chat via a session moderator, rather than having participants share their questions ‘face to face’ (that is, video to video).

To book a workshop or request more information, get in touch with us.

Other delivery options

In-person delivery. The workshop can be conducted in person, depending on faculty availability and local coronavirus restrictions.

Supporting a change effort. The reframing session is well suited for integration into bigger change efforts. For instance, with one Fortune 500 client who aimed to improve gender diversity through a 300 people event, we first had employees reframe the problem and then asked them to define and carry out small local experiments to move forward.

Train the trainer option. For larger organizations, a train-the-trainer model may be appropriate, allowing you to cascade the workshop throughout the business and/or make reframing part of your organization’s internal training portfolio.

Give the book to others. Want to give “What’s Your Problem?” to your team, your organization, or your clients? Harvard Business Review Press offers bulk discount rates and special customization options, such as signed copies, CEO forewords, or getting your logo on the cover.

For individuals

The book “What’s Your Problem?“, published by Harvard Business Press, is the natural first step if you want to become a better at solving the right problems. The book is designed not just to be read, but also guides you in applying reframing to your own problems and those of your clients, step by step. See buying options.

We are working on other options, including an online course and a Teach your Team deck, but these are delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. If you’d like to be notified when these tools are available, join the mailing list or just leave a message via the Contact page.