The workshop

Are you faced with an urgent challenge that demands fresh thinking? Do you want to upgrade your team’s ability to solve the right problems?

Our reframing workshop both teaches the method and allows participants to tackle current business challenges, creating immediate value for your business.

  • Doing AND learning. Get new perspectives on your most pressing business challenges – and learn a method that will supercharge your team’s critical thinking skills forever.
  • Virtual delivery. The workshop is optimized for virtual delivery using Zoom or Teams and features constant audience engagement throughout the session.
  • Small or large groups. The workshop can be run with anything from six-person teams to groups of 200 people or more.
  • Flexible duration. The standard workshop takes 3 hours, but shorter versions are also possible.
  • Support a change effort. The workshop can be integrated into larger initiatives. One client, for instance, had their employees reframe the problem of gender diversity as part of a bigger effort to drive change.

To book a workshop or request more information, get in touch with us.

We also offer customized options depending on your needs, including corporate licensing for large-scale training rollouts.

For individuals

We do not currently offer training to individuals, but if you can assemble a group of people who are interested, you can book a team workshop. (The minimum group size is six people.)

Contact us for more on this option, or join the mailing list to stay updated.